Member Benefits

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Member Benefits

The Jaycees offers an exclusive and dynamic program that provides countless benefits to ts members. When you become a member of the Cedar Valley Jaycees, you also become part of the state, regional, national, and international Jaycees. By joining your local chapter, you gain resources and opportunities at each of these levels:

Local membership benefits:

  • Access to monthly lunch & learn
  • Networking connections
  • Monthly social events where you can meet other young professionals and community leaders
  • Opportunities to serve on project committees
  • Leadership experience
  • Opportunities to participate in community development and service

State membership benefits:

  • Opportunities to attend training events
  • Network with leaders from Jaycees chapters throughout the state
  • Attend Jaycees events in other chapters
  • Participate in statewide events

For more information about regional, national, and international benefits, visit:

Iowa Jaycees:

USA Jaycees:

JCI International: